12 Days of Recall

teach your dog to come when called reliably and enthusiastically

Tired of your dog blowing you off at the park?

Worried about what might happen if they escape the back yard?

Learn how to teach your dog to come when called, reliably and enthusiastically.

This course is will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to build and maintain a solid and consistent recall. Your dog will want to come to you once you follow these 12 easy steps. 

"This has been the most helpful guidance I’ve received so far for helping with recall. I’ve been looking for resources for years to help me and Ozzie learn this important behavior, and we’ve really struggled to find effective tips. We made more progress in these few days than we previously made over the last couple years. Thank you, Jill!"

"This course is so helpful and gives you resources to continue improving recall long after the course itself is over. I would honestly recommend that anyone and everyone take the course no matter your dogs skill at recall as I have no doubt you can further hone this skill with this wonderful course!"

"This course is a must for teaching a reliable recall around tough distractions. For people who want their dog to see them as the best and most interesting presence inside and outside, these exercises will have your dog sprinting your way with gusto."

"This class was fantastic.The structure was helpful and the exercises were a lot of fun. Additionally, I saw the skills spill into other settings without work on my part! We were working on this to brush up for off-leash time, but also saw faster recall when being called into the house, for example. This was broken into very manageable pieces with enjoyable activities, and it had great results."

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  • 12 Days of Recall
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    Teach your dog how to come when called reliably and enthusiastically.

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