Better Living with Dogs Membership

ethical and effective training and lifestyle practices for lifelong learning with your dog

Are you feeling...  

overwhelmed with all the information out there and with how big your dog’s behavior feels?  

misunderstood by those who say it’s “just a dog” and they should “get used to it” or be “put in their place”?  
guilty that you’re not sure how to best help them?

We’ll help you feel

confident that you’re following the best path toward behavior change.

supported by a community and expert trainer who know exactly where you’re coming from.

proud of the life you and your dog are building together.

What's Included

All members have access to:

- Three live sessions per month including:
        - life skills live classes
        - behavior chats
        - office hours Q&A    

- 1-2 exercises on the month's skill and topic released each week

- Access to all Jack and Jill on demand courses

- A community discussion space  

- Deep discounts on other services like private training and group classes  

- Optional add-on: video feedback from Jill on homework exercises

This month: Reactivity Survival Skills and Structuring Training Sessions

Next month: Mat and Relaxation Training and Management

What Members are Saying

"This community has been so positive and refreshing to be a part of, especially with how negative dog training circles can get! What a breath of fresh air to be training my dog at our own pace, surrounded by like-minded and supportive people. Our training sessions, and life as a whole, have felt so much more FUN since we joined this community!"
                               - Erin and Tobey

"I wish I had joined sooner. It’s been amazing to connect with Jill for advice/insight and other dog guardians that have similar challenges!"
                                         - Valerie

"I love Better Living with Dogs because it helps me to focus on one core skill a month. That helps me feel less overwhelmed because I have a never ending list of various skills that I want to train my dog. I also enjoy the live chats, you get the opportunity to ask questions and also get a perspective on what other dog owners are going through. We have learnt some great tips and skills since joining."
                                         - Natasha 

Jill Hassevoort (she/her) KPA CTP

Jill is a certified professional dog trainer who works with clients worldwide. She specializes in fear, reactivity, aggression, and cooperative care. 

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