Red Light Green Light

learn how to use start button behaviors to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your training

Course Summary

Are you struggling to get your dog to cooperate with you? 
Have you gotten stuck at a certain point in your training? 
Do you want to give your dog more choice in their training?

Learn everything you need to know to incorporate start button behaviors into your training and daily life with your dog.

Course participants will learn:
- what a start button behavior is and isn't
- the benefits of using a start button behavior in training
- how to implement a start button behavior
- when start button behaviors can and can't be used
- step-by-step tutorials on how to teach 6 useful start button behaviors
- how to break training goals down into achievable steps
- how to troubleshoot a start button procedure
- eleven real-life case studies using start button behaviors for...
        ...nail trims
        ...putting on a collar, harness, or coat
        ...body handling
        ...generalized fear
        ...sound sensitivity
        ...resource guarding
        ...fear of strangers
and more!


This class was straight to the point and very informative. Throughout the course, Jill walks you through what exactly is a start button, how to teach it, what can go wrong, and shows you how helpful start buttons really can be. I’m so thankful to have learned this from Jill and implement more choice into my dogs life. 

The Red Light Green Light course transformed start buttons from an abstract idea to a practical and applicable training strategy for me and my dogs. Before this course, I knew that start buttons were a great way to give your dogs agency and choice, but I was unsure about how to implement them in our daily lives. Through the course, I learned not only how to use start buttons correctly in our training, but how to ensure that my dogs understood the concept and were participating willingly and joyfully. Jill is such a pleasure to work with & is truly a wealth of knowledge!

Jill was a lovely instructor - very friendly and kind, and very passionate about the course material with an excellent skill level for implementing this material in a lot of different ways and for a lot of different dogs. The material was well written and very clearly organized. I really enjoyed how much she was interested in improving our individual dogs' welfare through start buttons. Highly recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

This class is for dog guardians who have some knowledge of clicker/marker training, but want to take their training from cue-response to a more conversational method of communicating with their animal. It is also for trainers who coach clients on desensitization and counterconditioning procedures, but want to discover an even better way.

We cover everything from defining start button behaviors, observing them in action, troubleshooting start button procedures, discussing the documented benefits of start button procedures, and more!

Start button behaviors can be useful for almost any training goal. We will see many examples of their use in grooming and cooperative care, desensitization and counterconditioning, sound sensitivity, fear, reactivity, and more.

Course Curriculum

Jill Hassevoort KPA CTP, FFCP

Jill is a certified professional dog trainer who works with clients worldwide. She specializes in fear, reactivity, aggression, and cooperative care. 

Course Pricing